Our residential department is currently handling a lot of cases that pertains to residential electrical evaluation audit. Are you familiar with this? Well, you should know about this. You will need this too. The electrical system in most houses nowadays with the plumbing are the keys to the infrastructure system. They will complete else along the way. But that is within your comfort, entertainment, waking up house in the morning and safety. It must depend on your lifestyle. It must be in a good condition to be able to take care of everything that’s involved in a day to day living. Our company can be of help to you and we can even design your electrical system to conform to the residential electrical evaluation audit.
In today’s modern living, people are normally adding electrical appliances everyday. With the new appliances and gadgets that keeps us entertain for hours not to mention all the kitchen appliances coming up nowadays to make life simpler and worry free. A lot of homes nowadays especially those that were built during the ancient times and still up to this day have the electrical systems that never anticipated the number of appliances that will come up in the next years to come. But time has changed. It is actually changing in a very rapid manner. We need to move forward with it. The electrical systems of the old houses was built for a certain number of appliances only. Adding more appliances would mean overloading the system. That will be too risky for those living in the house. It can lead to a power failure and the worse is fire.

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We are a company with the best electricians to handle your concern about the code standard. We can make your home conform to this new standard. Our electricians are good in handling this problem. It will be solved in no time. There are homeowners who keeps on calling us and requesting us to fix their wiring at home. What we need to do is to install some new outlets and make the attractive new light systems aesthetic in appeal. That is a minor solution we’ve come up with so far. But the scope of the job still depends on the assessment of our electrician during the inspection. The major task he can do is to do a complete home rewiring.
We have found out that 100 amp electrical service cannot handle the usage of a normal household with an average number of appliances at home. 200 amp is the normal nowadays. In some instances, we are not allowed to make minor alterations in the electrical systems, because that will never pass the standards required nowadays. If you were asked to follow the code, then an inspector will come back to you and have the wiring checked again. It will not pass if minor changes will be done. We need to do a home remodeling or home rewiring. This will widen the reach of the electrical usage too. We will help you out along the way.