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The primary concern of the people nowadays is how to pass the code of standard mandated by the local government in ever home that was built decades ago. The problem is that people do not always inspect and check their electrical boxes unless a short circuit make occur or there is a power failure. That must not be the case. We offer the widest range of services. Our goal is to improve your quality of life. Our audit will bring you peace of mind and everything will be perfectly polished. We value our clients. We give important to your time and money. We do not want to waste our time and so do we will not waste yours. We highly recommend minor repairs and even improvements. Our residential or commercial department will handle your concerns.
We have an exclusive team to handle your residential electrical evaluation audit. This is to know if your electrical system at home is giving you and your family a safe environment and enough amount of electricity to keep all appliances working properly. Our company have a specific department to handle this concern. There is also a project manager that will keep an eye in this project. There is no too small or too big project for us. Every project is important to use. We give value to our clients. We offer quality no matter how small or big the project is. You can be rest assured that your concerns will not be neglected. We have a flat rate for this type of job, but to get a quite, you need to call us up and book for an appointment.

Our Mission

What We do?

Mainly,our mission is to satisfied our customers by providing proper electrical services and help them in any emergency need.

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Part of the job is to conduct a visual inspection of the property including the electrical box along with the panel and circuit breaker. Our electricians will check for any possible risks like having a smaller sized service which is 100amp vs. 200amp which is the required one. The electricians will look for any loose connections, worn out or not updated circuit breakers. They will also check for out of code wiring, problems with the wiring that may badly affect the safety of the service or the capacity to provide enough electrical to the structure.